Monthly Archives: June 2013

An unalloyed week of success

The versatility and the talents of all of our students continue to amaze us all. Week after week, our students find a way to shine in every arena and in every public space. It is also important to recognize that the prowess that our students demonstrate in any endeavor that they undertake reflects well on our most devoted, nurturing and talented faculty here at Staten Island Academy. The fact that the Academy can boast of having, perhaps, the best faculty and student relationships in the country is probably the reason why we enjoy unalloyed success week after week here within the Academy family.

munLast week, our Middle School went to Packer Collegiate Institute to compete in the Model Congress where 18 independent schools from Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut participated, on the heels of a superior performance inSeussical. Not to brag, but it was a record-setting performance for our students here at SIA.

At the Model Congress, we dominated the whole competition. Of the 18 bills we presented, we passed an unprecedented 17 bills. In the seven committees participated in, we were awarded a record breaking 6 Golden Gavels and four Honorable Mentions. Clearly we have some of the best public speakers in the land!

SpringSportsA few days before the Model Congress, our Women’s Varsity Lacrosse team went to Randall’s Island where, for the second year in a row, they were crowned AAIS Tournament and League Champions. For anyone fortunate enough to follow the wonderful group of young women, you could see why they wear the hearts of champions. None of our competition equaled us in team speed, grit, smarts and an absolute commitment to improve on a daily basis.  It doesn’t hurt that we have 3 seniors who have been invited to compete in the NYC Mayor’s Cup All-Star game in Manhattan this summer. I can’t wait to follow this team again next year!

smFinally, just this past Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending our Upper School Concert where the level of dedication of our students and the sophistication of the music program kept me in thrall for the whole evening. While we are a small school, we have the philosophy that anyone with the slightest desire to be involved in the arts should become involved in the arts. The ensembles that performed were absolute marvels. What’s more, they are populated by a diverse group of young people ranging from those who simply have a love of music to students who are bound for the conservatory. But what I am most proud of is the fact that we had 75 students who voluntarily participated in this concert, which represents 50% of our Upper School population. What else can I say, other than …it can only happen here!