A Community like no Other

We are off and running, and our first twenty-five days of school could not have been better. When I think of how it is that we got off to such a fine start of the year, I can think of three words: community, community and community!

Habitat for Humanity VolunteersWith athletics, the arts and academics in full swing, one needs to pause and reflect on what makes Staten Island Academy so special. Yes, we can boast of a world class education that is second to none; and, yes, our athletic teams compete for the highest awards; and, yes, our music and fine arts programs serve as a model for other schools to follow. But I believe that the magic of the Academy comes from a community that we have established here that is peerless in its gentleness and kindness. Every activity that is undertaken here is infused with benevolence!

Carter ProjectWhen you visit our campus our older students can be seen befriending younger students. Our faculty can be seen teaching, playing and enjoying time together with our students, often times outside of the classroom setting. Our parents are out and about supporting our students and faculty and re-enforcing all of our unwritten rules of goodwill and kindness.

It is always a pleasure to be able to share and be a part of this special community. For anyone who visits our school, the goodness and positive peer pressure that exists is immediately palpable and undeniable. But there is something even more striking going on at the Academy this year.

Opening Night It is that this incredibly warm, caring and benign community, which we enjoy on a daily basis here on campus, is expanding to share and help build a greater sense of community throughout the whole borough of Staten Island, through its work with the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. We firmly believe that service to others is a virtue, which exemplifies the best of any community. Whether it is working with an orphanage in the Dominican Republic or helping to re-build ten homes on Staten Island because of the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, our school family embraces the belief that service to others is one of life’s highest privileges.

Carter Work Project - Opening NightI would like to thank all of you who help to make this school such a fabulous place. I hope to see you all at the Staten Island Yankee Stadium on Friday for the closing ceremonies of the Habitat for Humanity project, where our boys’ choir,Something Musical, will be performing the “National Anthem.” President and Mrs. Carter, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks will be in attendance. What more can I say but that…it can only happen here!